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Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas for Atlanta Brides
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Image of girls having fun bachelorette party ideas in Atlanta.

When your best friend gets married, you only get one chance to throw a bachelorette party that is as unique, fun, and special as her. The goal is to create an itinerary that lets her blow off steam before the big day while also reaffirming the important friendship in her life. Atlanta provides plenty of opportunities for fun for every personality. Here are some of the lesser-known, unique bachelorette party ideas that will suit every bride’s style.

Weekend getaway or stay-cation

Even if you’re local to Atlanta, there’s nothing like bonding during a girls’ weekend. Booking one of Atlanta’s stylish hotels is an excellent way for brides to book quality time with friends they may have lost touch with while planning their wedding.

Being in a bridal party forms a special bond. One of the best ways to make memories to last a lifetime is by sharing a hotel suite for the bachelorette weekend.

Girls Party

Book the party for a festival weekend

For the music-loving bride, Atlanta is full of fun festivals that are perfect for catching lots of music, de-stressing, and hanging out with friends. Instead of locking the guests into a strict itinerary of activities, everyone can wander around the festival, catching the music they love and reconnecting for headliners.

Schedule a weekend of culture

For lowkey brides who don’t enjoy the party scene, there are tons of cultural activities in Atlanta that are fun for groups and easy to incorporate into an itinerary. Check out the botanic garden, stroll through the art museum, or make a list of galleries with can’t-miss shows.

You can even keep the culture flowing at night with a wine and painting event or group art class. Staying out of the bars doesn’t mean missing out on fun with friends when you go high-culture for a bachelorette party.

Games and drinks

Just going to bars has gone out of style. An evening out can include miniature golf, gaming parlors, or a pool party. Even bowling has gotten a stylish upgrade. You can keep the energy up for your bachelorette party with a tour of Atlanta’s premier interactive bars and clubs.

When you have a group of drinkers and non-drinkers, interactive bars are a great way to make everyone feel comfortable and make new shared memories with activities.

The A team

Pole dancing classes

Pole dancing classes are a unique and fun group activity for bachelorette parties. You can make them as athletic or spicy as you want. When you book a party, you can customize the playlist with your group’s favorite songs. Then, choose from different dances to learn, like pole, lap dancing, and seductive and off-the-pole movement.

At Spice Pole Parties, we start every bachelorette party with a champagne toast. We also provide a gift bag for the bride-to-be to remember her special night with her friends.

Even after your friend group settles down, scheduling a pole dancing class for girls’ night is a great way to spend quality time with your BFFs. Pole dancing classes can even become part of your weekly fitness routine.

Spice Pole Parties offers spicy and fun bachelorette party ideas for Atlanta brides and their friends.

We’re the premier pole dancing studio in Atlanta, creating curated party experiences for bachelorettes, girls’ nights, and birthday parties. Whatever the size of your party or plans for your special day, Spice Pole Parties is the perfect way to spice up your special event itinerary. We are located near shopping and dining, plus we are just minutes from Highway 85. You can keep the party energy flowing from our studio directly to dinner, drinks, or going out dancing.

When you’re looking to host a unique and fun bachelorette party in Atlanta, Spice Pole Parties will customize a package to your group, from the playlist to the dances you learn. Book your fun bachelorette party today!