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5 Things You Learn During a Pole Dancing Lesson in Atlanta
May 29, 2022 at 9:00 PM
Image of a woman on a boardwalk after attending a pole dancing lesson in Atlanta, GA.

Years ago, pole dancing only existed in clubs, a skill learned and perfected by exotic dancers. In recent years, it’s become a fun, alternative fitness workout akin to acrobatics, modern dance, and barre. People who attend pole dancing lessons enjoy the challenge of the moves and the unique form of expression. It’s also become a fun group activity for bachelorette and birthday parties. There are many approaches to learning pole dance, from embracing seductive movement to using it as a whole-body workout to just having fun moving to your favorite music. Here are five things you can learn during a pole dancing lesson in Atlanta, GA.

On-the-Pole Moves

Depending on the fitness level of your class, you probably won’t learn to climb the pole or invert yourself during the first class. As you attend more classes, you’ll start to learn more advanced moves and get a chance to practice skills with the help of a professional.

Beginner pole dancing classes tend to focus on aspects of the pole accessible to everyone, regardless of their strength, conditioning, and flexibility. Even if you have a moderate amount of experience and you’re in a class with beginners, the following aspects of pole dancing are good to practice to maintain a solid foundation, regardless of the style of pole work that interests you the most.

Adele is a gifted dancer who I’ve worked with on multiple occasions.

Twerk Routines

Even if you’re a complete newbie to pole dancing culture, chances are you’ve seen twerking and may even be a twerk-pro yourself. You may not realize that twerking is a full-body workout. As part of a pole dancing lesson in Atlanta, GA, you’ll learn a twerk routine that gives you a short series of dance steps to memorize.

Twerking is the rapid movement of the butt, but it requires strength and conditioning of the core, legs, and butt. It also increases flexibility in the hips. Learning to twerk during a pole class gives you an alternative workout to set to your favorite music when you can’t get to the gym.

Lap Dancing

There’s no denying that eroticism is built into pole dancing culture. Lap dance is a sensual off-the-pole movement. It’s not just for individuals who may want to transition the skills they learn in a pole dancing lesson into a new career in erotic dance.

Lap dancing is a free, unstructured dance form that challenges individuals to make rapid, creative decisions. It also builds confidence, increases flexibility, and teaches foundational skills essential to more advanced pole moves.

Heels Choreography

Sky-high dancer heels are common in competitive pole dancing. If you’ve struggled to walk in heels comfortably, learning choreography in a pole dancing lesson challenges you to use new muscles moving your body in a completely novel way.

Learning a choreographed dance with light pole work lets students get practice learning and memorizing choreography, as well as making dance moves their own. Get more confidence walking and moving in heels by attending a pole class in Atlanta, GA.

Stage Presence

No matter how skilled they are on the pole, everyone has to practice stage presence. This means conveying confidence and ease, even when struggling with a complex or challenging maneuver. You can practice your charismatic stage presence from your first pole dancing lesson in Atlanta, GA, even when the choreography is a struggle.

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