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Pole Dance Parties in Atlanta, GA | Your Questions Answered
July 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Pole Dance Parties in Atlanta, GA | Your Questions Answered

Picture this: You’ve got your girlfriends, your sexiest heels, and your bottle of wine and you’re on your way to a party… a pole dance party!

If the thought of attending a pole dance party sounds equal parts exciting and terrifying, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Pole dance parties are a super fun way to embrace your body, have a good time with your girlfriends, and boost your confidence. But for first-timers, it can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect.

Spice Pole Parties is Atlanta's hottest pole dance party destination. We provide a variety of party package options for every fitness and skill level. Contact us to chat about how we can make your bachelorette party, birthday party, or next girls' night out a fun, empowering, and sexy night you’ll never forget!

And, if you’re curious about what to expect at a pole dance party, keep reading for our answers to your frequently asked questions.

What happens at a pole dancing party?

We have a variety of different pole dance experiences, but the one thing that happens at all our parties is fun!

Depending on the party you and your friends choose, you could have the following experiences:

  • Beginner pole dance techniques
  • Beginner lap dance techniques
  • Heels choreography (off-the-pole seductive movement)
  • Twerking lessons

Oh, and don’t forget the complimentary champagne! Just to get the party started.

What should I wear to a pole dance party?

Whatever you feel comfortable and sexy in. Our pole dance party studio is a judgment-free zone. What’s most important is that you feel gorgeous!

There are a few recommendations from our instructors, however. We generally recommend our dancers wear their own take on the following basics:

  • Athletic tops and bottoms that offer support for all types of movement.
  • Comfortable shoes. Often, we dance barefoot as it provides the best grip, but athletic shoes work well, too. If you’re doing high-heel choreography, be sure to wear comfortable heels.
  • Avoid lotions. Although it may feel counterintuitive, lotions and creams will prevent you from being able to grip the pole.

If you’re still unsure about what to wear, reach out to us. We’re here to help.

Can pole dancing tone your body?

Can pole dancing help you get fit? Absolutely!

Will one party do the trick? No—but it will help you to feel confident and sexy in the body you already have.

Our parties are about embracing your divine feminine energy, loving yourself, and celebrating your body. It is a safe space to explore your sexy side!

Is a pole dancing party inappropriate?

To us, nothing could be more appropriate than encouraging women to empower themselves to feel confident, beautiful, and sexy!

Pole dance parties are the perfect time to let go of preconceived notions about how women should behave. While you may feel uncomfortable at first, we’re certain that all the dancers that walk through our doors will leave feeling more free and confident than before.

Pole dancing parties in Atlanta, GA

So, what are you waiting for? You know you and your girlfriends would have a blast at one of our Spice Pole Parties. We offer a safe and inclusive environment for women of all ages, fitness levels, and body types. All that matters is that you're ready to have fun.

If you’re planning a bachelorette party, birthday party, or your next girls' night out, contact us to see how we can make it a night to remember.