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How to get fit with pole dancing classes near Atlanta, GA
June 25, 2022 at 12:00 AM
Image of a woman who attends pole dancing classes near Atlanta, GA.

Adding new workouts to your fitness journey is the best way to stay excited about working out and challenge your body. But if you’ve been exercising for a while, it’s hard to find new classes to get amped to join. When you’re sick of pilates, spin, barre, and HIIT, consider adding a fun, flirty workout to your routine with pole dancing classes near Atlanta, GA.

Is pole dancing really a workout?

While it’s not the most traditional workout (you won’t find poles in most gyms just yet), pole dancing is a serious workout. Moreover, it forces students to use muscles that don’t get targeted with traditional activities. Even if you have a rigorous workout routine, you might find yourself more sore than usual after your first pole dancing class near Atlanta, GA.

Pole dancing uses body weight to create lean muscles and burn fat. Like any high-energy activity, it can also elevate your metabolic rate, so you keep burning fat even when you’re not exercising.

Get a full-body workout

Forget about leg day, arm day, and core workouts. The time you spend in pole dancing classes challenges your entire body, strengthening and lengthening all your muscle groups. Instead of addressing the parts of your body individually with boring reps, you can have fun with your friends in class.

The latest fad in exercise is practical strength, which is essential for busy individuals with work, families, and physical hobbies. Pole dancing may not seem like useful exercise, but it trains your body to work cooperatively by moving with style and grace.

Better flexibility, set to your favorite music

There’s no arguing the health benefits of yoga, but mindfulness and breathing exercises aren’t for everyone. Improving your flexibility has a wide range of health benefits at any age, and the acrobatics involved with pole dancing challenge and improves range of motion.

There are three main categories of pole dancing, sport, artistic, and sensual. All three provide the same fitness benefits. The variety in exercise types allows students to find movement that feels authentic, whether challenging moves and holds, expressive movement, or flirty dancing.

Exercise that does more than just burn calories

When a body experiences stress, it’s less likely to burn fat and can even be more prone to injury. Fitness is all about consistency, but grinding through workouts at the gym every day can cause you to plateau.

One of the benefits of pole dancing classes near Atlanta, GA, is that they help students build confidence and challenge their bodies to move in new ways.

Especially if you’ve been working out for a long time, pole dancing classes can let you use your muscles in new ways with lifting, pole climbing, and holding. It’s a fun way to use your strength while learning a new skill, all set to your favorite music.

Spice Pole Parties offers pole dancing classes near Atlanta, GA, for fun and fitness.

The Spice Pole team goes further to make our pole dancing and movement classes perfect for every student who comes through our studio. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, bachelorette party, or wanting to learn new movements on and off the pole for fitness, we cater to your goals. From free champagne toasts and custom playlists to teaching the dance moves you want to learn, we’re here to provide the experience you want. We make it easy to book parties so that pole dancing can become a regular fixture of your party or fitness routine.

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